Current trademark processing wait times

Do you have an initial application, response, or other filing that hasn’t been assigned or reviewed yet?

We understand your frustration. We’ve been experiencing an unprecedented surge in new applications over the past six months that has also resulted in a surge in responses to office actions and processing post-registration filings.

As a result of this surge, you may experience longer than normal wait times in the following circumstances:

  • New application in the Trademark Status & Document Retrieval (TSDR) system
    Initial applications generally appear on the TSDR documents tab in about a week. However, if you file your initial application without an International Class, it may take between 60 and 80 days for the pre-examination unit to complete their internal review and display your application data on the TSDR status tab.
    Additionally, if the trademark drawing code or design codes are missing, you won’t be able to use the TEASi pre-populated Application for International Registration until our pre-examination unit provides the information.
  • Trademarks appearing in Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)
    Initial applications generally appear in TESS in about a week. However, if your application does not include the International Class, it is taking between 60 and 80 days to appear in TESS because of the backlog in the pre-examination unit.
  • New application assigned to attorney
    Historically, new applications have been reviewed by an attorney between two and three months after the application is filed. With the huge surge in filings, our unexamined application inventory is much higher and it’s taking between four and five months to examine initial applications. See the current first action pendency information in the chart below.
  • Responses to office actions
    Processing times for responses to office actions normally average about 14 days. Currently, processing by the examination support unit may take 90 days or more.
  • Post Registration
    Processing times for post-registration maintenance filing backlogs normally average about 30 days. Currently, Post Registration processing may take about 60 days.

We trust this information sheds some light on our current challenges to keep up with the demand of registering your trademark. We’re taking numerous actions to improve our current wait times. We’ll be keeping this data up-to-date to reflect any fluctuations in our wait times.

You can help by reading these tips on avoiding processing delays. Filing your initial application, response form, and post registration accurately can speed up the process.

We appreciate your patience, and apologize for any inconvenience these delays may cause.
Customers with a specific technical question about their TEAS application can contact our TEAS team directly at

Customers with an urgent question about a filing or the status of their application or registration may contact the Trademark Assistance Center at 1-800-786-9199 (select option 1).

As of June 2021 Pendency Target Current Pendency
New Applications
First Action 2.5-4.5 months 5.5 months
Disposal 12 months 10.5 months
Current Trademark processing wait times
As of June 2021 Pendency Target Current Pendency
Pre-Examination Unit
TEAS 10 days 81 days
MADRID 10 days 0 days
Examination Support Unit (ESU)
Amendment entry 14 days 68 days
Intent to use
Extension requests 15 days 7 days
Statement of use 15 days 8 days
Divisional requests 15 days 15 days
Petitions Office
Letters of protest 60 days 80 days
Post Registration
Affidavits of Use/Incontestability 30 days 78 days
Renewals 30 days 68 days
Amendments/C​orrections 30 days 37 days
ETAS 2 days 2 days
Fax 10 days 5 days
Paper 14 days 5 days

See the Trademarks dashboard for more data.