Economic research

USPTO economists study all aspects of intellectual property (IP) to better understand the determinants of innovation and to support evidence-based policy making. The Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) leads these efforts through engagement with scholars, collaboration on research projects, and conference events. OCE also releases datasets on USPTO patents and trademarks to advance economic research on IP. 

Redesigned PatentsView

Updates include a new interface, feature, and data

An enhanced PatentsView is much more user friendly. An expanded and easily accessible Methods & Sources section provides detailed documentation of all data, algorithms, and processes. There is also a new feature on gender and innovation with research reports, visualizations of trends and differences by country, and data spotlights on gender and patenting. Read more about the update.

PatentsView’s new feature on gender and innovation next to a silhouette of two overlapped heads. Female symbol on red head, male symbol on blue head. Overlapped head area is in purple with unisex symbol.

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